Fancy owning a lovely motor boat without stealing it or bearing the enormous expense of actually buying one? Then why not build your own - I am!

From a FREE set of plans, available on the internet, I am in the process of building this classic American fast-fisher. I began building in August 2009.

Join me over the coming months to see it develop here on the East coast of Northern Ireland. I will be updating regular progress reports and pictures, who knows, you may even decide to build your own!

Boat builders all over the world are busy building 'classic' yachts and river boats using plans dating from the 1900s. Motor boats, I feel, deserve this same attention to detail. This Sea Hawk, dating from the 50s-60s, succeeds in retaining that long-lost style with it's sharp chines and the warmth and security of its wooden construction. I love the 60s. The cars and motorcycles were beautiful, the music is great and I have to say that after trawling through many "characterless" designs of boats, the Sea Hawk really 'floated my boat' if you get my meaning, I wanted one!

It has long been proven that a boat correctly constucted using top quality marine ply far exceeds the strength of comparable fiberglass boats. Motor Torpedo Boats of WW2 were built using Marine ply and many outlived the war and gave sterling service converted to civilian use, some have even survived to this day!

A quote from the boat's designer, William D Jackson.

“Americans are always worried about the bigness of boats and such; when if the truth were known, it’s the minimum-expense and maximum-pleasure boats that count. At Least they bring pleasure to the many; and, in my opinion, that is the only criterion worthwhile.”

Designed by William D. Jackson, Naval Architect.


21-foot, 8-foot beam cabin cruiser for overnight trips, deep sea fishing on ocean waters during favourable weather conditions.

Convex bottom, sports-type cabin cruiser with hi-lift bottom.

Constructed with 3/8 inch marine ply over a developed oak and fir framework with trussed bottom members.



Sample of the downloaded plans.


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